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Update PhoTransEdit Database!

PhoTransEdit database is a compilation of words and their corresponding phonetic transcriptions. You can help improving this database. Add new words or correct the transcriptions of the existing ones.
1. Type the word whose transcription you want to add or update:
Show transcriptions for this word in PhoTransEdit database
2. Type the BrE and AmE transcriptions for the word :
    Before you type/correct the transcriptions take the following into account:
       1. Use International Phonetic Alphabet.
       2. Include BrE and AmE main pronunciations.
       3. Don't enclose transcriptions within slant / / or square [ ] brackets.
       4. Show stress in words of more than one syllable.
       5. Use syllabic consonant if it is more common (for example, button /ˈbʌtn̩/).
       6. Use low dot to convey syllable divisions. Include them even where a stress mark coincides (for example,
       enough /ɪ.ˈnʌf/. Syllabification principles followed in Longman Pronunciation Dictionary are prefered.
    BrE:   (Received Pronunciation)
    AmE:   (General American Pronunciation)
3. Click 'Update database' button to update PhoTransEdit database.
    Data updated in the database are not immediately available in Online and Desktop versions of PhoTransEdit.
    PhoTransEdit applications are updated when the number of transcriptions collected is large.
    All transcriptions provided are checked on the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary.
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