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About PhoTransEdit

PhoTransEdit applications have been designed by a programmer and student of English from Getafe (Spain) to help those who work with English phonetic transcriptions. Far from providing perfect automatic transcriptions, it is aimed at helping you save your time when writing, publishing or sharing English transcriptions. They are based on a database that contains more than 150000 words and their corresponding phonemic transcriptions.

Special thanks to

Alex Rotatori (Italy)
Ana López Pozo (Spain)
David Brett (England)
Glober Trotter (Spain)
Israel (Spain)
Jean-Luc Delghust (Belgium)
Roberto Casiraghi (Italy)
Sandro Carnevali (Italy)
Timothy Montler (USA)

Also thanks to

Alfonso Ceccherini-Nelli
Anas Ebrahim
Anil Pinto (India)
Attila Mendli (Hungary)
Azman Sholihin (Indonesia)
Cathleen Dubois (France)
Cristina Cabal
Daniel Wen
David Powell
David YW Lee (Hong Kong)
Enrique José Gómez (Argentina)
Fisch Fahrrad
Ian Favarger
Jacques Le Coupanec (France)
Jesús Núñez Muñoz (Spain)
José Luis Laborda Gálvez (Spain)
Lawrence Kahn
Lutischán Ferenc (Hungary)
María José Serrano (Spain)
Miguel Mallo Martínez (Spain)
Mike Ron
Narendra Gehlaut
Nathaniel Carney
Nik Peachey (UK)
Patrick Gribben
Paul Braddock (UK)
Petr Rösel
Serhiy Tsynda
Timur Baytukalov (Russia)
Virginie Vacher (France)
Wang Songshan
Sorry if I missed someone by mistake.

PhoTransEdit Desktop

PhoTransEdit Desktop is available as a free download and is, therefore, not a supported product. PhoTransEdit is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.
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 2.1   August 2014  PhoTransEdit 2.1
The last update of the rebuilt version of the most advanced phonetic transcriber.

PhoTransEdit database

PhoTransEdit Database is a compilation of words and their corresponding phonetic transcriptions. For many of the words, the source of the phonetic transcription is unknown and diverse. As many derived words (plurals, gerunds, etc.) were loaded using automated processings, it is possible to find mistakes. The database was improved considerably in version 2.0 (inestimable contribution by 'Glober Trotter') and in version 3.0 (inestimable contribution by Timothy Montler) . You can check transcriptions with the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary by J C Wells or with any of the online dictionaries shown in the Links section.
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