PhoTransEdit Desktop IPA Keyboard

PhoTransEdit Desktop includes an IPA keyboard to edit or create transcriptions. You just have to click on the buttons on the left side of the application.


You can click on the 'Common IPA' buttons or type their corresponding shortcut (shown in blue below each button). For example, if you type D inside any document, you will get ð.


If you mouse over any button, you will get a description of the correponding IPA symbol.

'Common IPA' symbols and 'More symbols' tabs

There are two tabs on the left side. One showing the most common IPA symbols and another showing more IPA symbols.

List of Common IPA symbols


Symbol Description Shortcut
pvoiceless bilabial plosive, English pp
bvoiced bilabial plosive, English bb
tvoiceless alveolar (sometimes: dental) plosive, English tt
dvoiced alveolar (sometimes: dental) plosive, English dd
voiceless palato-alveolar affricate, English chH
voiced palato-alveolar affricate, English jx
kvoiceless velar plosive, English kk
ɡvoiced velar plosive, English 'hard' gg
fvoiceless labiodental fricative, English ff
vvoiced labiodental fricative, English vv
θvoiceless dental fricative, English th8
ðvoiced dental fricative, English fatherD
svoiceless alveolar fricative, English ss
zvoiced alveolar fricative, English zz
ʃvoiceless plato-alveolar fricative, English shS
ʒvoiced plato-alveolar fricative, in English measure3
mvoiced bilabial nasal, English mm
nvoiced alveolar (sometimes:dental) nasal, English nn
ŋvoiced velar nasal, English ngN
hvoiceless glottal fricative, English hh
lvoiced alveolar lateral, English ll
rvoiced post-alveolar approximant, in English redr
wvoiced labial-velar approximant (semivowel), English ww
jvoiced palatal approximant (semivowel), English y in yetj


Symbol Description Shortcut
close front unrounde vowel, English fleece, keyi:
ɪlax (lowered-centralized) [i], English kitI
ʊlax (lowered-centralized) [u], English footU
close back rounded vowel, English gooseu:
eclose-mid front unrounded vowele
əmid central unround vowel. The ə vowel ("schwa") is the most frequently ocurrying vowel in English and is always  associated with weak syllables. Not all weak syllables contain ə, though many do.E
ɜːmid central unrounded vowelB:
ɔːopen-mid back rounded vowel; English north, thoughtC:
æraised open front unrounded vowel; English trap, badX
ʌopen-mid back unrounded vowelV
ɑːopen back unrounded vowel, English fatherA:
ɒopen back rounded vowelO


Symbol Description Shortcut


Symbol Description Shortcut
ˈ(primary) stress mark'
ˌsecondary stress,


Symbol Description Shortcut